Hydraulic power plants

Design and construction of hydraulic power plants

We add important value to the simple supply of products necessary for the construction of complex fluid-dynamic systems: our experience in the field enables us to offer specialist technical and commercial advice as well.

In addition to the excellent quality of the materials we offer, we guarantee the most suitable choice for the needs of our customers.


55Kw to 350bar power plant for a test system on mechanical components for machines that work in extreme conditions. Intended for the University of Pisa, civil engineering department. Complete supply of control unit, pipes, fittings, assembly and testing on site, customer AM Testing.

N.4 Power plants on board the Super Yacht "Fulk Al Salamah" (Ship of Peace in Arabic). The vessel has been called a floating palace and was built in the Mariotti shipyards of Genoa under code name Project Saffron. The yacht is 164 meters long and was commissioned by the Sultan of Oman. It is the largest Super Yacht in the world. Our power plants move the aft and side doors, in addition to the bow and stern cranes; commissioned by Seanet of Genoa.

Control unit for "bleeder" safety valve destined for the Piombino steel mill in the AFO4 blast furnace. The unit was built in just 5 working days to prevent the blast furnace from turning off; it replaced a unit that was torched. Commissioned by Siderpiombino.

Control unit for opening the stern hatch on a FREMM class military cruiser built in Fincantieri; commissioned by Siderpiombino.